Russia warns about the fate of F-16 fighters fighting in Ukraine 0

Russia warns about the fate of F-16 fighters fighting in Ukraine

(Dan Tri) – Russia announced that it considers the F-16 fighter jets given to Ukraine by the West to deal with Moscow as weapons with nuclear capabilities.

F-16 fighter (Photo: US Air Force).

`We cannot ignore the fact that these aircraft are dual-purpose assets that can be used for both nuclear and non-nuclear missions… Regardless of which version of the aircraft will be used,

Since 2023, many Western countries have announced plans to supply F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to support Kiev’s efforts to control its airspace against Russian aerial threats.

Denmark and the Netherlands were the first countries to commit to supplying F-16s to Ukraine in the summer of 2023, while other countries pledged to train Ukrainian pilots to operate multirole fighter aircraft according to standards.

Russia has repeatedly announced that it will destroy F-16 fighter jets given to Ukraine by the West.

The Russian Foreign Ministry continues to warn the authorities in Kiev and the West that their behavior is pushing the conflict in Ukraine to a point of no return.

`The authorities in Kiev and Western donors should realize that their reckless steps are bringing the situation closer to a ‘critical’ and ‘explosive’ point,` the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused some NATO member states of deliberately dragging the alliance into a direct armed conflict with Russia, and mentioned French President Emmanuel Macron, the leader who has repeatedly mentioned

`These and a number of other actions by NATO member states show that they are deliberately turning the Ukraine crisis into an open military clash between NATO countries and Russia in order to cause a defeat.`

The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the upcoming military exercises aimed at increasing the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces should be placed in the context of recent aggressive statements by Western and Western officials.

`Regarding Russia’s upcoming military exercises aimed at practicing the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, we note that this event should be considered in the context of recent bellicose statements by

Russia expects the upcoming exercises to `cool down` some `hot heads` in Western countries, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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