Crimea bridge is threatened with attack, Russia warns strongly 0

Crimea bridge is threatened with attack, Russia warns strongly

(Dan Tri) – The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized European officials’ statements about the Crimea bridge attack scenario.

Vehicles on the Crimea bridge (Photo: Sputnik).

`On May 6, European Union (EU) foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano made a statement about Ukraine’s right to attack the Crimea bridge as part of self-defense measures. There is no way

According to Ms. Zakharova, this statement by a European official who `speaks on behalf of the entire European Union` is `shocking.`

`This is his responsibility. Mr. Stano’s unacceptable statement proves that the EU is not only a sponsor of the Kiev government, but its statements also incite Kiev to continue attacking its members.`

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out that the EU, along with the supply of heavy and long-range weapons, `openly disregards its international obligations`.

`Just a few days ago, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell once again publicly admitted that a quick, peaceful solution to the Ukraine conflict had existed from the beginning, but personally

`This is exactly what we have said all along, quoting both Mr. Borrell and Western officials. We have noted and noted the EU’s long-term investment in arms supplies.`

Ms. Zakharova’s statement came after Ukrainian and Western officials implicitly warned about the Crimea bridge attack scenario.

Ukraine’s special envoy to the United Nations, Sergey Kislitsa, issued a veiled threat to the Crimea bridge, implying that the structure would no longer exist by the end of the year.

Previously, senior Ukrainian officials also repeatedly stated that destroying the bridge across the Kerch Strait was Kiev’s top priority, affirming that this was a legitimate military target.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last month told German media that destroying the Crimea bridge was something `we really want`.

The Crimea Bridge was built between 2016 and 2018 and is the only road and rail route connecting the Crimean peninsula to mainland Russia.

Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict in 2022, many officials and commanders in Ukraine have threatened to destroy the 19km bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula and the Krasnodar region.

Russia accused Ukrainian special forces of carrying out two major bombings on Crimean bridges since Moscow launched its military operation in 2022.

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