Two mine-clearing `assassins` of the Russian army in Syria 0

Two mine-clearing `assassins` of the Russian army in Syria

(Dan Tri) – The Russian military has tested and put into use many modern demining equipment in the fight against terrorism in Syria, including the Uran-6 and Sphera robots.

Russian engineering forces and Uran-6 robots and sniffer dogs jointly deploy mine clearance tasks.

Currently, Russia is in the process of modernizing its engineering force with automatic robot technology and some of these robots have been tested by the Russian military in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

Russia has dispatched mine-clearing robots to areas in Syria to perform tasks of searching for mines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded bombs, contributing to minimizing the level of danger for public forces.

More than 6,500 hectares of land in Syria have been swept by Russian special equipment, successfully destroying about 100,000 bombs and mines in these areas.

Armored robot

Russian robot Uran-6 demonstrates its ability to clear mines

Military experts say Russia’s Uran-6 demining robot can withstand the destructive force of 10 kg of TNT explosives and then still operate normally.

Designed as a light armored vehicle, the Uran-6 is capable of moving at a speed of 7 km/h with the bulldozer blade located right in front.

Operating thanks to a remote wireless control system, Uran-6 can handle mines and explosives with up to 60 kg of TNT.

Spherical robot

`Assassin` destroys spherical mines of the Russian army

Considered the `younger brothers` of Uran-6, Sphera and Skarabei robots also participate in demining activities in residential areas as well as the most inaccessible places in Syria.

“Previously, engineering units and sniffer dogs were often deployed to areas that were difficult to reach because large military equipment could not enter these areas.

Robot Sphera is a compact spherical device with 4 high-resolution cameras, allowing it to send 360-degree images of surrounding areas to the operating system.

Both Sphera and Skarabei are designed to be compact so they can be easily deployed on a variety of terrains.


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