China's `reserved` tone caused disappointment at the Shangri-La Dialogue 1

China’s `reserved` tone caused disappointment at the Shangri-La Dialogue

This year, Beijing’s representative at this annual event appeared quite reserved.

If last year, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army Wang Guanzhong – the representative of China – spoke at the Shangri-La Dialogue, which was extremely `impressive` for his aggressiveness and `blunt argument` when speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue.

While China’s sea reclamation and islandization activities in the Truong Sa archipelago are one of the `hot` topics highlighted and criticized by a series of countries such as the US and Japan.

In his speech, Admiral Sun Jianguo – Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Chinese army denied that the US asked Beijing to stop illegal artificial island building activities in Vietnam’s Truong Sa archipelago, as well as

Mr. Sun said that China’s activities are `peaceful and legal` and even beneficial to the world.

`China carries out construction activities on a number of islands and reefs in the East Sea mainly to enhance their functions and improve the living and working conditions of the troops stationed there,` Mr. Ton Bien said.

He added that in addition to meeting necessary defense requirements, artificial islands also help China strengthen the implementation of its international responsibilities and commitments related to search and rescue at sea, prevention and control.

Admiral Sun Jianguo called on other countries to stop actions that `cause disunity` on this issue.

`There is no reason for people to raise this issue in the East Sea,` Mr. Ton said.

China’s increased illegal artificial island construction has made neighboring countries worried that Beijing will unilaterally establish an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the East Sea, as it has done in the sea.

Regarding this issue, Mr. Sun said that whether China decides to establish an ADIZ in the East Sea or not depends on whether there are any threats to the country’s aviation and maritime security in the region.

Before speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue, the Chinese military and defense delegation held 13 bilateral meetings with delegations from other countries on the sidelines of the event.

Observers noticed that, compared to last year, this year’s Chinese representative did not indulge in criticizing the US or evoking Japan’s militaristic past, but mainly emphasized China’s commitment to ensuring peace.

However, like his counterpart Vuong Quan Trung a year ago, Mr. Sun avoided many questions from scholars and experts at the Shangri-La Dialogue and answered `yes`.

Up to 13/15 questions were asked about Mr. Ton and the story of the East Sea, but Mr. Ton all avoided them or gave general answers.

For example, when faced with questions about whether China would stop building artificial islands outside Truong Sa or impose an air defense identification zone (ADIZ), the Chinese representative `evaded` in an `evasive` manner: `

Another `avoiding` tactic of the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Chinese army is to declare not to respond to accusations against China’s legally-founded views.

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