The turning point for the British to become `Hegemon`! 4

The turning point for the British to become `Hegemon`!

(Dan Tri) – After the Champions League quarter-final draw, after the impressive victories of Tottenham and Blackburn in the UEFA Cup, many people talked about a `great` year for the Premiership, about the return of Premiership.

Heysel – a turning point in the past…

In the past, the British series of sublimation in the European Cup was stopped by the terrible disaster at Heysel on May 29, 1985, where Liverpool was unable to bring home the 8th European Cup in 9 consecutive years for the club.

39 Juventus fans died before the fury of English hooligans on that `crazy` Heysel night, causing England to be embargoed for 5 years, and it took Liverpool 6 years to be allowed to return to the arena they had dominated.

It was that important turning point that led to the demise of an empire and, more importantly, opened a period of power transition for Italy and Spain to take turns rising up to regain dominance in the European Cup.

Heysel disaster – a milestone that caused English football to decline.

AC Milan for two consecutive years helped Serie A `open eyes and face` with 2 championships 88/89, 89/90.

As for Spain, their peak period was the last 7 years with 3 championships and 6 representatives in the Finals.

Clearly, the `decline` of an empire has created a push for the European football arena to change.

Spain, Italy decline – `The flag` has reached the Premiership?

If history has shown such a milestone, then currently, English football has the right to rejoice as they are facing a great opportunity to regain their worthy position.

Champions League 06/07* The 3 representatives of England in the Quarterfinals MU, Chelsea, Liverpool are the 3 teams leading the Premiership rankings.

Isn’t it true that Real Madrid is struggling as their `Galaxy` and their `Zidane & Pavon` policy disintegrate, Barcelona’s short cycle of success under Frank Rijkaard is gradually coming to an end and the end is inevitable.

Those are currently the signs of decline for both Serie A and La Liga, most clearly shown by their common defeat in both the UEFA Cup and Champions League this year.

The turning point for the British to become `Hegemon`!

Is Barcelona just representative of a declining football scene?

Meanwhile, in England, the sparkling rubles and dollars of Russian and American billionaires are rushing towards the Premiership, making the country like a magnet to attract talent across Europe to continuously grow.

In addition to the necessary condition, which is the weakening of the two direct competing forces of Spain and Italy, the economic potential guaranteed by the `rich` wallets of foreign owners gives English football more conditions to compete.

22 years ago, Europe witnessed a turning point at Heysel that caused the British to sink from the peak to the abyss, but now, it is clear that the times are ushering in a turning point in the opposite direction, helping the Mist country rise to become a `Hegemon.`


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