The Eastern Fortress was on the verge of falling, Ukraine strained to hold the line 0

The Eastern Fortress was on the verge of falling, Ukraine strained to hold the line

(Dan Tri) – Russian forces are attacking strongly on all fronts, while Ukraine still has to wait for aid from abroad to launch a counterattack.

Ukrainian soldiers from the 79th brigade participate in training in the Donetsk area (Photo: Reuters).

It was a perfect May evening.

Suddenly, a loud whooshing sound interrupted the children’s play: the sound of Grad rockets.

15km away, Russian troops were advancing.

Last week, Russia continued to control neighboring villages.

The children prepare to leave.

Two years ago, Liza and her parents moved after Russia began its military campaign in Ukraine.

Liza’s classmate, Maksim Chuprin, added: `We are not happy. Of course we want the Ukrainian army to prevail. But I am a realist.`

Like their elders, young people also consult Deep State information, a front-line application that shows Russia’s battlefield advances.

Ivan Anysymov, 21, wondered if Russia might not advance directly toward Hrodivka because the mountainous terrain is easier to defend.

Russia seized the opportunity to attack

The Kremlin says Ukraine’s eastern provinces are part of `historic` Russia.

This goal seems impossible.

Russian generals are using classic Soviet military tactics from World War II.

Controlling Ocheretyne means Moscow has more favorable options.

Currently, Ukrainian forces are still trying to hold on in Chasiv Yar.

The Eastern Fortress was on the verge of falling, Ukraine strained to hold the line

Location of eastern Ukraine (Photo: Ukrainian Weekly).

If Chasiv Yar falls, Moscow can take advantage of this elevated position to attack a series of neighboring Ukrainian military cities: Kostyantynivka, Kramatorsk and Sloviansk.

Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service Vadim Skibitsky agreed with the view that Moscow’s control of Chasiv Yar is `only a matter of time`.

`Militarily, the town remains one of the important defensive posts, increasing logistical and technical support for Ukrainian combat forces operating in this area,` Mr. Skibitsky said.

`The important issue now is that Russia is likely to¬† turn the conflict in this region into a series of successive attacks and pressure actions. The collapse of one of Ukraine’s defense layers, such as the system

Politically, the Russian army’s control of Chasiv Yar, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky once called `an impregnable fortress`, would deal a strong psychological blow to the morale of Kiev’s army.

`The fall of Ukraine at Chasov Yar is just like the battle of Kursk during World War 2. The war will continue but the Ukrainian army will have to retreat and suffer defeat in the Donbass region. That is the reason for the collapse

At a training camp in the forest, Lieutenant Andrii Todorov explains Ukraine’s recent failures.

`We are keeping three for a special purpose. My men are not receiving any more American ammunition. I hope we are still receiving some ammunition. We are doing everything we can to maintain our position.`

The six-month delay in US military aid to Ukraine – due to internal conflicts within the US – has cost Ukraine dearly.

The first shipments of new US military aid have arrived in Ukraine as part of a $61 billion aid package.

`Russia is moving quite slowly. But they are still moving. That’s a problem,` said Volodymyr Cherniak, a commander of the national guard.

Cherniak said his soldiers would be able to successfully defend the positions if Western nations provided Ukraine with adequate ammunition and F-16 fighter jets with air defense systems that could shoot them down.

`Without them, we have to fight their missiles with our infantry. It’s a nonsense,` the Ukrainian commander added.

A security official in Kiev said last week the situation was `very difficult`, but `not catastrophic`.

According to Cherniak, the Russian military has adapted after its failure to control Kiev in 2022, so it has stepped up drone production.

That means reinforcing front-line positions and rotating troops becomes more difficult, he said.

In March, after the loss of Avdiivka, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that 1,900km of defensive fortifications were being built across the country.

However, at Ocheretyne, Russian brigades overcame these new defenses.

Another Ukrainian national guard officer, Major Maksym Taran, pointed out that Russia is not fighting on its own, but has other countries providing support with ballistic missiles, technical spare parts and autonomous drones.

`Yes, we will win this war. But that depends on the West. As for us, it will take us 100 years to do that,` he said.

Some observers believe that Ukraine’s prospects are brighter than they appear on the ground.

Former Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk said: `I don’t think Donetsk province is lost. It depends on when the equipment is delivered. If we receive this type of ammunition, we can definitely stop

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