NATO is trying to send troops to Ukraine to prevent Russia from attacking at speed 0

NATO is trying to send troops to Ukraine to prevent Russia from attacking at speed

(Dan Tri) – The US and NATO seek to send forces to Ukraine to fill the gap, while Russia increases its attacks on all fronts.

Military vehicles participating in NATO’s multinational military exercise at a military training area in Lest, near Zvolen, Slovakia on April 25 (Photo: Reuters).

According to Asia Times, NATO is starting to deploy combat troops to Ukraine.

Although Russia says there are more than 3,100 mercenaries in Ukraine, these newly arrived troops are not mercenaries.

NATO announced that these were not combat soldiers, but that they appeared in Ukraine to operate complex Western equipment.

US Department of Defense spokesman Patrick Ryder said on April 26 that any additional US military advisers, if sent to Ukraine, would not be deployed near the front lines.

`They only play an advisory role. They are very small in number. The United States has no intention of conducting combat operations inside Ukraine, nor will these forces be present anywhere near

US President Joe Biden’s administration announced that it opposes sending NATO troops to Ukraine.

The US National Security Agency is concerned about Russia winning the conflict in Ukraine.

The Russian army is now 15% larger than before the Ukraine conflict broke out.

Meanwhile, according to Asia Times, NATO is said to still be `inferior` to Russia in terms of weapons, human resources and industrial power.

A consensus view among the US national security establishment is that Ukraine is losing the war with Russia and is likely facing military collapse.

According to some reports, several brigades in the Ukrainian armed forces allegedly refused orders from their commanders.

Russia knows what is going on and is targeting foreign forces while also attacking Ukrainian combat units, causing heavy casualties.

Ukraine is trying to find new recruits and is receiving help from countries where Ukrainian refugees of military age are hiding.

A report on the training of Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets was also revealed.

To avoid an unfavorable scenario, NATO’s plan seems to be to fill the gaps in Ukrainian forces by sending military `advisors` to Ukraine, waiting for the US to send soldiers to fight after the election in September.

If Russia succeeds, a larger-scale war in Europe will be avoided.

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