Mr. Trump was accused of election fraud in 2016 0

Mr. Trump was accused of election fraud in 2016

(Dan Tri) – Former US President Donald Trump was accused by prosecutors of violating the law and cheating in the 2016 election, which he denied.

Mr. Trump appeared in court on April 22 (Photo: Reuters).

Reuters reported that New York prosecutors on April 22 accused Mr. Trump of violating the law and cheating in the 2016 election when he paid hush money to former porn star Stormy Daniels to `suppress` information.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s lawyer declared that his client did not commit a crime.

The jury in the trial also listened to testimony from the prosecution’s first witness: David Pecker, former CEO of media company American Media.

Mr. Pecker is the person who prosecutors say participated in a plan to `hush up` bad stories about Trump and help him get elected in 2016.

During the trial, the prosecution accused Mr. Trump of falsifying business records to cover up a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

According to Ms. Daniels, this woman received money to keep quiet about her affair with Mr. Trump in 2006. Mr. Trump claimed that meeting did not take place.

Prosecutors said the hush money was an attempt to mislead voters at a time when Mr. Trump was facing other allegations of sexual harassment.

Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo said: `This was a planned, coordinated and prolonged conspiracy to influence the 2016 election, to help Donald Trump get elected through illegal expenditures.`

Trump’s lawyer told the jury that the former president did not commit a crime and that the case should not have gone to trial.

Mr Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche said: `There’s nothing wrong with trying to influence an election. It’s called democracy. They’ve put something sinister into this idea, as if it were

In addition to this incident, Mr. Trump also faces three other criminal prosecutions.

The case is considered by many legal experts to be the least consequential of Mr. Trump’s prosecutions.

Mr. Trump denied all criminal charges against him, accusing them of having political goals and being a `witch hunt` by Democrats against him.

However, as the election is heating up, Mr. Trump will have to arrange time to appear in the courtroom and participate in the campaign.

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