US newspaper: Iran warns of possible attack on Washington's forces 0

US newspaper: Iran warns of possible attack on Washington’s forces

(Dan Tri) – Sources in the US government said that Iran seems to have sent a message through an intermediary about a possible scenario of attacking US forces in the Middle East.

The Iranian consulate building in Damascus, Syria was destroyed after being hit by a missile on April 1 (Photo: AFP).

Axios quoted three anonymous US officials as reporting that Iran earlier this week was said to have sent a message to the White House through a number of Arab countries: If Washington participates in the confrontation between Iran and Israel, its forces will

The warning was issued in the context that the US and Israel were preparing for a retaliatory attack by Iran after Tehran accused Tel Aviv of being behind an air strike on Iran’s diplomatic facility in Syria on April 1.

Iranian officials have warned more than once that they will `punish` Israel after the attack, which killed seven members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Tel Aviv and Washington say a potential Iranian attack would include launching ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones at Israeli targets.

US officials said the White House had asked Israel to notify Washington before making a decision on any Israeli retaliation against Iran.

According to the above officials, Iran told Arab countries that the United States may be responsible for the attack suspected of being carried out by Israel on the Iranian embassy.

However, a senior US official confirmed that he was not involved in the incident.

Previously, Israel announced that it was ready to deal with Iran’s attack.

This week, Bloomberg quoted an unnamed US official as saying that Washington is committed to helping Israel deal with any potential attack by Iran, including shooting down missiles aimed at Israel.

US officials told Axios that they are analyzing Iran’s warning message to predict what action Washington will take that will cause Tehran to attack US forces.

According to US officials, the general assessment of the country’s intelligence community is that Iran will attack Washington forces if the US joins Israel in a counterattack on Tehran.

On the other hand, many opinions say that Iran seems to only carry out a limited-scale attack to avoid further escalating tensions in the region.

In the latest development, a US defense official told Sputnik on April 12 that Washington is sending more weapons and equipment to the Middle East to strengthen deterrence and protect US forces against attack.

When asked about information that the USS Dwight Eisenhower aircraft carrier was moving north through the Red Sea, this official said: `We are sending more weapons to the area to enhance deterrence efforts and strengthen

Israeli media reported that the US aircraft carrier moving towards Israel is aimed at deterring Iran.

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